Monday, October 6, 2014

A New Glass Slipper.

When you are one of the most famous ladies in the world, 38 million dollars for a face lift is a drop in the bucket. Yes, the biggest celebrity of all time - Eiffel Tower, has just unveiled her new face. I am happy to say that she really hasn't changed from the sexy silhouette and sleek curved lines that she first debut in 1889.

Can you believe that only 300 workers constructed the 18,038 pieces of wrought iron with 2.5 million rivets for this 10,000 ton, 984.25 foot lady.
So when you turn 125 years old what is a lady to do? For this well sculpted beauty she catches her breath from years of wear, a staggering number of pictures she posed for, war{s}, weather, and the ever changing environment. Then you get fitted for a new glass slipper.
Miss Eiffel started her 38 million dollar transition in 2012 and just this week revealed her 'face lift' that includes a glass floor at the first observation level.

Eiffel Tower green floor is charged up with wind and solar power.

during the face lift

When your facelift is 38 million dollars it can't be all just smoke and mirrors. The two year project includes a green floor that this charged up with wind and solar power, a new reception area, a 200 seat multipurpose theatre, a new conference room, the new visitor center, and an open air Museographic path that leads around the new setting.

And when you have your peak-a-view look on - well, the world of selfie photographers just can't contain themselves.

So beautiful is the lady that we cannot resist standing next to her for proof that we were there..........

My 50th birthday in Paris.
The view from the first observation deck prior to the new glass enclosure. via Glamour Begins At Home

Miss Eiffel is the one to wake up next too.....

Shangri la Hotel, Paris.

Fashion photo shoots, engagements, and tango dancing - this lovely lady has inspired us for 125 years.


Hauntingly beautiful .....................

via Glamour Begins At Home

Paris is always calling my name and this new glass slipper is a reason to celebrate.


  1. I love her new face...can't wait to see it...what a view from the hotel suite!
    Ah, Paris is calling me....
    Have a lovely day. xx

  2. It looks like such a wonderful trip!