Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lullaby and Goodnight

The littlest British Royal bundle of joy will make his or her debut at the beginning of the summer. Like every expectant couple, William and Kate are redecorating the house in anticipation of the arrival of their first baby; the difference is that the nursery will be in their new apartment in Kensington Palace. Kate and William have a young and easy style, but the nursery will have the help of a decorator who created the sanctuaries for other royal babies and there will likely be some regal standard to the design.

There will be a bevy of suggestions for the nursery suite of the future Prince or Princess, so let's get the cradle rocking with some worthy suggestions..........

A small bassinet is usually the baby's first bed. This antique iron bassinet in a warm shade of gold brings a soft mix of old and new together.

 This change table by Savio Firmino ensures everything is at your fingertips - drawers underneath for storage and pull-out shelves wing at each side to provide a helping hand for the diaper brigade essentials.

Shelves over the change table offers much more than just additional storage. It's important to have a teddy or toy at arms reach to occupy a fussy baby.

savio firmino

Savio Firmino creates some of the most elegant bed ensembles and they have paid special attention to the nursery. Soft neutral tones of creamy white and beige linen are sure to lull anyone to sleep.  

savio firmino

The French Provincial style upholstered headboard of the crib could double as a headboard for a single bed - perfect for your own little princess. 

Albeit that the new little prince or princess will have a more spacious nursery than this one above, the teddy bear tones of soft neutrals and white will bring a softness to any size nursery.

Continue with tranquil neutral shades by injecting soft grey and white to the nursery.

Add soft elements in pink or blue to a neutral nursery with linen. The beautiful linen collection below is from Belle Notte Linen.

Restoration Hardware has a full line of furnishings for the littlest member of your family.

Jennifer Lopez' designer created an opulent nursery for the twin's. Comfortable chairs and ottoman allow mommy or daddy to put their feet up at feeding time, a side table provides a space for everything needed in arms reach and a lamp on a dimmer switch is perfect for those late night cuddle times with baby. The ultimate nursery would have an ensuite bath.

Kensington Rocking Horses

A vintage rocking horse, teddy bears and various memorabilia add a whimsical finish to a nursery.

Kya's nursery - image: my own

I think it's unlikely that Kate and William will have a miniature castle built in the nursery, but if that is part of your dream nursery it is available.

Savio Firmino - for the princess in your life.

And would better way to take the royal bundle out for a walk than in a Silver Cross Surf Pram - Aston Martin edition, which is described as 'the ultimate in comfort for your baby and style for the owner'.

The options on designing a gender neutral nursery are endless. But if you are left wondering will the blankets be pink or blue, you may want to try the Chinese gender chart - here .

Adding personal touches to a nursery like Mommy & Daddy's baby pictures, a family heirloom Christening gown hung in a frame, or a favourite quote on the wall make the space special. One thing is certain, it is always amazing how such a little person needs so many things.
'Cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow,
For babies grow up as we've learned to our sorrow.
So settle down cob webs, and dust go to sleep,
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.'

** if you tried the Chinese gender chart for your own pregnancy drop a note and let me know how accurate it was.


  1. I love your selection's such a happy time, the excitement of a new addition to your family...oh, I loved it ;-)
    Thanks for popping by today, I agree with you about Audrey, she was truly exquisite in every way...I have seen the interview you mentioned; I also love the interview she did with Barbara Walters which can be found on You Tube..delightful ;-)
    Have a good week.

  2. Such a great quote at the end:)

    Beautiful line up of nurseries. What an exciting time for the royal couple! Hopefully we will get to take a peek when it's complete!


  3. Katharine, these beautiful images of the necessities needed for little ones, makes me smile....wishing I could welcome a sweet baby into our family!! My sons would both be rolling their eyes right now...N.xo

  4. Oh Katherine this was so much fun! I love that gorgeous crib. Heck, I would even sleep in it now :) And a castle within a castle would be awesome.
    sending hugs...

  5. What precious nurseries, and I'm so partial to a neutral palette that I adore the second image and the adorable French crib!!

  6. Thank you again for your email earlier :)

    Happy new follower


  7. It is fun to speculate isn't it? I do hope we get to see the nursery!

  8. OMG I never saw such amazing baby rooms! I must forward this post to my daughter who just had a baby!

  9. Oh how I hope we will get to peek inside their house, but somehow I doubt it. I love that first nursery in your post; it's lovely.

    My input on the Chinese gender chart: my sister and 2 sisters-in-law and I were all expecting at the same time almost 4 years ago. My sister looked up the Chinese gender chart for all of us, and she told us that according to it, we should all have girls. Sure enough.. we all do. Kinda' interesting, isn't it?


  10. I've just discovered your lovely blog and I'm so glad for it.
    Warm regards !

  11. I do glamp it up a bit Katherine :) We have a new travel trailer that makes it all tolerable. I've never been much of a camper, but there are some family trips we are going to make this year with the grandchildren. Wish me luck!