Friday, March 8, 2013

Movie House

The lake house featured in The Big Wedding

While at the theatre recently, we watched the trailer for the upcoming film The Big Wedding. The light comedy directed by Justin Zackham the cast includes Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Katherine Heigl, Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon, Amanda Seyfried, and Topher Grace ........ and many more.
The thing that captured my attention when I watched the trailer was the house. Yes - the lake house in the picture above. During the quick two-and-a-half minute trailer you are teased by the opportunity to wander through the house as the film plays out.

There are a bevy of movies that have captured our attention with soft comedic content that were filmed in a truly dreamy house.

Something's Gotta Give - this is likely the most popular movie set house. The transom windows at each archway, the creamy white and pale blue palette, white kitchen cabinets with dark soapstone counter tops {they were painted to look like soapstone} and dark wood floors bring a tranquility to an already great design. This look was not a trend in 2003 when the movie was released, but it has developed into a favoured look since then and continues to be a welcome combination in current  palette choices for many homes.

Living room on movie set Something's Gotta Give.

kitchen - Something's Gotta Give

The kitchen in the movie It's Complicated makes me want to run out and take chef lessons just to be able to play there. The kitchen is simple with open shelves, various carts serving as additional counter/storage space and an open island topped with light toned marble. Maybe it is the simplicity of the kitchen that draws us in. Then again Meryl's character Jane baked and cooked throughout the entire movie, to the point that you could almost smell the pie baking. The whole house had a welcoming feel to it.

There is nothing complicated about this great little kitchen. From the movie It's Complicated.

The view from the casual dining area into the open kitchen - It's Complicated. image: hookedonhouses

The Spanish style bungalow features plaster curved archways giving the house a soft look. image: hookedonhouses

The main character Jane has her own bakery and like the house, it is a dreamy design.

OK, so back to the soon to be released film The Big Wedding............

It's images like these in the movie trailer that make it droll worthy. The long windows feature transom style tops in the main room and kitchen. Notice the lines on the veranda railing - same lines of the windows. The built-in cabinets pop with a subtle shade of Tiffany blue painted in the back.

Ellie {Diane Keaton} arrives at the lake house of her ex-husband.

Typical of most family gatherings the central point is the kitchen. The classic white cabinets with glass fronts, soapstone counters on the mains and wood counter top on the island give a classic welcoming feel.

Katherine Heigl and Robert De Niro  play Daughter and Father in the movie.

Pre-wedding luncheons and family discussions happen on the romantic veranda. I'm hoping that they have utilized the veranda and show scene's there in the evening.

Glimpses of the surrounding lake and gardens tease throughout the movie trailer. The property for the movie was reportedly in the Greenwich, Connecticut area; which a romantic and pretty spot.

A glimpse of the lush gardens in the background.

The film's light comedy offers a glimpse at the chaos that happens when families and ex's get together for a happy event........ like a wedding. If your going to experience a bit of drama and wedding jitters, I can't think of a prettier setting than this one.

The Big Wedding - in theatres April 26th.


  1. Gorgeous home! I've seen the other movies and always love the scenes of the interior .. especially the kitchen in It's Complicated. I'll look forward to seeing this movie!


  2. The Lake House is stunning - such a romantic setting. I haven't heard of The Big Wedding but with Diane Keaton it sounds like my kind of film. I enjoyed Something's Gotta Give and It's Complicated.

  3. I love Diane Keaton and a movie with a great house. I never tire of seeing photos of the Something's Gotta Give house. How interesting that the counters were painted to look like soapstone!

    I enjoyed the post and will keep an eye out for the movie!