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Royal Maternity Style

 "Each and every day my heart is filled with the joy of being GRAND".
{these are words on a photo frame I own}

Michael and Carole Middleton are about to discover that there is nothing more special than becoming Grandparents. The Middleton's had the inside scoop on the upcoming delivery date of the royal baby who will be born to their Daughter and Son-in-law this July. Although Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child this July, an expected date of delivery was not announced. I'm going to place my bet on July 7th {my Son's birthday), although I think that most everyone can admit it would be special if the newest little royal was born July 1st on Diana's birthday. 

It was 31 years ago this past July that the world watched as Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer. I watched the televised wedding ceremony in the very early hours of the morning when I was up to feed my Son, who was only three weeks old at the time. Carole Middleton would have been three months pregnant with Kate at the time of the royal wedding, I'm sure she never imagined the life for the baby she carried then.

And life is about to get even more grand .............

Princess Elizabeth - 1933

Headlines around the globe are filled with speculation on Kate and William's official due date, Kate's impending baby bump and the royal maternity style she will wear.
With the first trimester completed the Duchess has not needed to change her fashion style. The second trimester will bring Kate into the weeks of late winter and early spring when jackets will still be needed and will conceal much of her blossoming body. But it is the third trimester when warm weather begins that Kate's full maternity style will be revealed.

I was pregnant with my first child just before Lady Diana was expecting William, and thankfully so much has changed in maternity wear since then. Like Diana, I wore smocked styled dresses. The trends at the time included peter pan collars and puff sleeves - yesh.

Remember these famous images of Diana......... those smock style dresses in polka dots. In the early eighties is was all about comfortable clothes that flowed over your baby bump..... until the wind blew against the fabric and it clung to you like a wet tissue. How many women felt like they were wearing a tent?

Maternity wear now offers styles that celebrate the impending arrival by showing off the baby bump with clingy fabrics that reveal a Mom's growing curves. My prediction is that Kate will be modest in her choices for maternity wear and conservative at times to meet the needs of the royal duties. Expect to see a fun and playful side of this Mom-to-be as well.

Here are a few pics of maternity fashions for Kate..........

Like Beyonce, Kate could step out in style during the second trimester with maternity jeans, top and full blazer........ the scarf gives a level of comfort concealing the bump.

Stylish jeans with a belly band for support are a fashion MUST for Moms-to-be. These are from Queen Mum Maternity Wear.

Belted cape from Ingrid and Isabel is great for layering in the spring.

Sleeveless sheath dress from Isabel and Ingrid - belted in the second trimester and un-belted in the last trimester.

Olian Maternity offers colourful and stylish dresses fit for a Duchess.

This black jersey dress worn by Reese Witherspoon would look great on Kate.

A draped front dress from Isabel and Ingrid brings added comfort to the front.

Dress by Queen Mum maternity is in a stylish pattern and colour.

Tiffany Rose Maternity - soft taupe dress is simple and elegant.

This taupe dress is accented with soft lace and a satin ribbon {Tiffany Rose}.

Princess Marie of Denmark stepped out in stylish maternity fashions that I think are reflective of Kate's royal duties style. {source: lilly lemontree blogspot}

The casual everyday styles that Kate does well, can be easily achieved in maternity wear from a few select design labels. 

Queen Mum {how appropriate} has a select line that is stylish and youthful.

Jeans, jersey striped top and blazer from Queen Mum.

Colourful and fun maternity fashions by Queen Mum.

It is reported that Kate is easy practicing Pilates during her pregnancy. Motherhood Maternity offers stylish exercise wear for Moms-to-be.

When the heat of the early summer arrives Kate will appreciate the flow of a maxi dress {by Ingrid and Isabel}.

This easy styling that Reese Witherspoon wore in the third trimester is a good look for the Duchess.

Princess ? or Prince ? - How much fun would it be to see Kate step out in this top by Queen Mum.

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  1. Being pregnant is really beautiful. But Princess Di's dress is hideous! I remember those days.