Monday, October 15, 2012

Change of Season

The landscape has become a jewel box. 
At every glance rich shades from the turning leaves creates a thrill.

It's official .... Fall is here. 

The change of season brings with it the joy of exploring new fashions to keep cozy in, 
and the revival of a few classic pieces. 

It may be chilly outside, but it's the season to look HOT!


  1. Hi Katharine, fall is my favourite time of year, especially for fashion to layer, big comfy sweaters, boots and scarves....hides a lot too! Just added a very few things to perk up what I already have, a new sweater coat, booties in suede and some wooly scarves...that is it! Hope you are enjoying our gorgeous fall weather....hugs, N.xo

    1. Nella, I am with you on that idea, layering is the most comfortable way to dress for the cooler seasons.

  2. And I'm delighted Autumn is here..I love this season...and I've just purchased a new coat, very happy lady!
    Fabulous images, Katherine, the top picture is sensational.

  3. beautiful images Katherine!
    Oh I do love Autumn and all it's color.

    I have to tell you that we did take some photos of me in a nightshirt, but I am way too shy to share them here. They turned out great though. Yes, I can think of some great shots up there at that old house. But with the snowfall we get here (about 3-5', I don't think it is going to be standing too much longer. It's a long drive from town on a very bumpy bad road, but we plan to get more captures up there while it still stands.
    hugs from here...