Sunday, September 30, 2012

End of the role

David Dixon - 2005

Zenobia - 2005

Katrina Tuttle - 2010

Do you know what all of these designs have in common? The material for the fashions comes from a role of bathroom tissue. The White Cashmere Collection a'la cashmere bathroom tissue first took to the runway back in 2004. The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is the benefactor of the fundraising adventures via this annual bathroom tissue couture collection.

Golnaz Ashtiani - 2012
Canadian designers have once again created a collection of fashions from full sheets of layered bathroom tissue for the annual 'Fashion for Compassion' event. Beyond the vision of fashion is a vision for a future without breast cancer.

Rod Philpott - 2012

Intricate details are imitated in hand cut blossoms, ruffles and cut lace designs. The white and pink cashmere bathroom tissue is a limited addition product that is sold with a small donation directed to the cause.

October is breast cancer awareness month - for your Mother, your Sister, your friend, yourself..... make a donation today.

Suhalia Niazi - 2012 

Joel Bissonnette - 2012


  1. Utterly amazing fashions. I could not tell at all they were from tissue.
    Great cause, great ideas!! Thanks for showing us.

  2. These are amazing Katherine! You write and publish the best posts!!! I loved your previous one on the many styles of beautiful Kate. She is such an elegant woman!
    sending hugs...

  3. Wow...that's unbelievable - can't believe they are made from tissue...fabulous!!

  4. Great concoctions for a great cause. Reminds me of the Kleenex flowers we made into leis for our 9th grade dance long ago!

  5. Wow! How is this even possible? Some of those dresses are to die for!!

  6. Hello dear Katharine, amazing creativity in these exquisite creations....and for such a worthy cause which will touch all of us either directly or through association . Thank you for this beautiful reminder .....N.xo

  7. Truly amazing that these are created from tissue - how creative and for such a good cause. I'm so pleased I stumbled across your lovely blog with its varied posts. I'm pleased to be a a new follower.