Thursday, October 18, 2012

What the storm blew in

Old Oakville looking out over lake Ontario

At the end of a warm and sunny day today, the weather quickly turned blustery with great gusts of wind. I wouldn't have been surprised to see Mary Poppins herself land in the center of town. OK maybe not, but it was a serious blast of wind that instantly changed the landscape of our neighbourhoods.

When the rain came down to a trickle Richard and I decided to take a walk to the lake.

An hour before there was only a trickle of leaves.

I now have a better understanding of the saying 'look what the storm blew in'.

Lawns and streets were carpeted in leaves that had fallen in great volumes from the strong winds. The definition from front walks to lawns was lost with the thick blanket of golden leaves.

Looking east towards Toronto.

When we walked to the edge of the lake there was a stunning glow of pinks, blues, golds and greys that meshed together. I love these moments when you stand in the middle of nature and feel as if you are looking at a priceless painting.

And as we took a few more steps ......there is was floating over the lake......... a stunning rainbow.

These pictures were taken with my iphone and don't capture the intensity of the moment. And well let's all be honest, when you are standing there looking at the sky after a storm with the glow of the sun peaking back in and a vibrant rainbow that reaches to forever, nothing can capture the real vista.

When I finally tore my glance away from the rainbow and started to move on, we discovered that the setting sun brought a glow to the west end of town that looked like a fire ball.

What the wind blew in to town tonight was a gallery of paintings by Mother Nature. And her artistic skill is truly priceless.

untouched picture from my iPhone


  1. So pretty. Nature is so lovely. Your untouched photos are amazing!

  2. This is just gorgeous .. Thank you for sharing your photos!


  3. These photos are gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

  4. Looks like a most fabulous walk, I adore watching the sky on evening walks this fall. And all the leaves are almost down here too, seems to be a quick turnaround this year even though it's been quite warm. Can't quite figure it out. xx

  5. How pretty everywhere looks...I love the blanket of leaves outside your house...beautiful and your photos are wonderful.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. That lovely little house is not ours ....... but I will post some details on our new house shortly.

  6. Is that a rainbow?? Wow, that's gorgeous. Thanks for the styling tip on prints!

  7. This posts really highlights the beauty in nature. Spectacular! Thanks for sharing

  8. These images are gorgeous! How amazing to be able to capture it on camera. I found your blog via Stacy's. I love your blog header and the Audrey Hepburn picture! :)