Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home Swee Home

This great piece of artwork was waiting for me when I went into the kitchen for my morning coffee. It generally takes me a cup {or two} of coffee to feel alive and manage a smile........ but this Picasso a'la Richard did the trick.

The kitchen cabinet above our coffee machine is painted in chalk board paint and it provides Richard and I the opportunity to leave special notes for each other. It is frequently chalked with a quote or funny drawing.
My beautiful Granddaughter calls me 'Swee' ...... that's sweetie to everyone else {see my Mother's Day post for the full story}. Richard drew this picture of Kya and  Swee, knowing we were about to have another special girls day together. When our Granddaughter is around, it makes things extra sweet.

Richard........ this may be one of your best drawings yet.

Life doesn't get much better or 'Swee' than this.


  1. This is the best art I've seen on the internet to date Katherine. It's the very best kind, I'm sure you agree!!! I think you have an awesome guy there, my friend!
    Thank you for your lovely messages you leave me, because they really are gifts.
    sending hugs...

  2. Richard is a man of many talents haha...I was with Kya & her Mummy one day. Little K thought she saw a vehicle in a parking lot that was yours...she started calling out for Swee and telling her Mummy and me that Swee was here, where is she? It was cute and sad at the same time...she was disappointed when she learned Swee was at home. You are loved Sissy xo

  3. So sweet...I love the chalkboard paint idea.
    Lovely post. Richard seems like a "keeper"!
    Happy Sunday

  4. I hope you had an amazing weekend! That is so swee... !!

  5. So cute :) These are the moments that we (as parents) treasure forever.


  6. Such a sweet post...your blog is lovely, I've enjoyed reading it ;-)