Friday, July 13, 2012

Blog Photo Storage

Megan at A Life's Design, may feel like Friday the 13th came early this week. I sent her an email 2 days ago with screen shots of her blog showing black squares with white exclamation marks where it normally would have been images she posted.
After searching on the net I've discovered that this is known problem.......maybe just known to all of us Bloggers.
Megan explains HERE that after joining Google+ {maybe not so plus} she lost most of her blog postings and images. As bloggers I know you are all cringing right now. It would be like someone told you your dog was lost. Her blog title describes everything she must be feeling right now.
Megan has managed to recover some of her images and postings. Read carefully her description of working with Picasa and Google+. If anyone has experienced this problem and can offer some help to Megan and other bloggers on recovery, please join in the stream of comments and post the advice.

In the meantime, here's a screen shot from Birmingham Home and Garden and a well deserved mention on Megan's blog.

Tips on protecting your blog.......... not necessarily things I've YET done, but I'll now stop procrastinating about.

BACK IT UP! - if you don't feel secure about sources via blogger, back up your work on your own system. It is impossible to save every image you ever posted ........ or is it?! There are off site sources available, it's worth hunting around on the net for advise. Every one of us knows someone who is more I.T. savvy than we are....... ask for their help or advise.

Sometimes it is hard enough to find the time to blog. But in those moments when you are drawing a blank and can't think of something to post about, go back and create files of your postings by date. I know, I know - that's a lot of work. But once you get started you will have your own catalogue {option to an on-line service}.

Drag your images from your own site into a dated file and copy your editorial from the posting. It may be a lot of labour, but it will allow you to re-post if something happens. The process of revisiting your own postings will also give you more idea's or referrals back to your own blog for future postings. Create a file each time your post and you'll always be up-to-date.

Time to create a catalogue.

One terabyte of storage will hold LOTS of data from your computer and can be bought as an online component or as an external hard-drive. Remember to keep the external hard drive safely stored away from the location of your computer {in case of something unfortunate, like a fire}.

Print your blog! There are services available to print your work. Essentially we are all authors........ so why not. Search 'print my blog' for a bevy of options; some are professional services and others offer tips on the D.I.Y. versions.

From comments posted over time on blogs, we all agree that the world of blogging has brought us something we didn't expect when we started  - wonderful friends. If you see something posted and it isn't the normal version of one of your favourite reads..... send the blogger a note.

Happy blogging.


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  1. I had no idea this could happen.
    Not being terribly technical, I'll follow your suggestions. Thank you for the heads up!