Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sarah 101 - Season 2

Canadian design queen Sarah Richardson captured audiences tonight with the airing of Sarah 101 - Season 2. For those of us who can't get enough of Sarah's designs it was a program that had been much anticipated, and she didn't disappoint.

HGTV Canada ran two episodes back-to-back this evening, both featuring the power of white with brights. Episode 1 focused on a dark and dreary dining room in a traditional Toronto home. Sarah and stylist Tommy Smythe turned up the volume with loads of colour accents in a white room anchored with key black pieces.

The dark wood moldings and deep red walls were painted over in white with a band of electric blue punching out between the plate rail and ceiling moldings. Interior wood trim was accented with black - one of Tommy's creations that surprised even Sarah with the final effect. Black accents continued in the chairs, sideboard and door panels. The 'jumping off point' was the unique fabric used for the drapery - a white background with black stick people dressed in bright embroidery clothing.

In typical Sarah fashion the chairs {and sideboard} were professionally spray painted, this time in a solid black shade. Chair seats were covered in outdoor fabric to accommodate the family who has small children. A strong geometric black and white rug completes the look.

The 'white and bright' theme continued with episode 2 when Sarah and Tommy transformed a master bedroom with a solid white foundation and sprays of turquoise, green and coral. The room featured a cat walk to the master bath that was open to the two story staircase below. Rather than close the walkway in with a solid wall or a railing, a wall of tempered glass was installed to allow light to penetrate the space.
Removable vinyl film in a paint wash design was applied to the glass to add detail. The effect was striking, with a soft rainbow of light filtering throughout the staircase {images of this project were not posted yet - check back at hgtv.ca later}.

via akadesign.ca

I am always impressed with Sarah's designs and the explanations she shares on the details for the choices made.
Since home base for Sarah Richardson's business is in Toronto, the trades used and the treasure shops hunted are local. Details on products, paint choices and Sarah's own furniture line {indoor and outdoor} can be found HERE.

Dynamic Duo - Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe

{Sarah is wearing a Smythe blazer available at    http://smythelesvestes.com }


  1. What a gorgeous space! Loving the fabulous rug! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  2. Darn...........I missed it! I was meaning to watch again as I didn't have HGTV for a few years (a cable oversight). Glad you did a recap. They are a clever Canadian duo. XO

  3. I just love the graphic print of that rug...great room!