Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finally, hard nails

I have always had soft nails that split and peeled just as they started any bit of growth. Years ago....... when my Daughter was a toddler, I started wearing acrylic nails. It was my solution to pretty nails all the time. I just didn't intend to wear acrylic that long.
It was back in the 80's when long nails and nail art was a big trend. I look back at pictures of me holding one of my kids and wonder how I didn't stab them in the eye. Sensibly I cut my nails to a shorter more professional length and always wore them with a french manicure finish.
I switched to wearing bio-gel nails over the recent years, which were a bit less invasive {who was I kidding}. I never had fungus or any other nail problems on my natural nails, which can happen easily with artificial nail applications.

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I always were a bright colour polish on my toes - all year long, and love getting pedicures.  But I prefer to wear my fingernails natural, without polish - how ironic.

It was back in the late 80's that the owner of the nail shop I went to asked me to train with her. I worked part-time learning about nail applications, pedicures, manicures, and nail art techniques. Later I took a space of my own in a hair shop providing nail services, but most of my business came from a mobile nail service that I offered.
Nail art has recently re-surged and is being presented as a fashion accessory with a variety of colours and applications. I seriously hope that the trend does not include long nails again.

I've tried a couple of times to leave the acrylic off for extended periods of time, but my natural nails broke at the quick {ahh painful} and peeled. No wonder - the poor little nail beds were crying out.
This January I was refinishing a piece of furniture for a friends baby nursery; my nails were in need of a manicure and took a beating via the refinishing project. I left the acrylic off and began a two month project of treating my nails. I tried everything - all of those notable nail products that dominate the market. It was worse - I'm convinced that the products are designed to dry out your nail and send you on a search for more products.

Then I remembered an interview with Shania Twain where she mentioned that her biggest beauty secret was using the cream for horses hoofs on her nails. Off to google I went to find horse hoof cream ..... and I discovered a nail cream called Hard as Hoof.
The reviews were glowing, and this was my last ditch effort to help my now almost non-existent nails. My search for where-to-buy took me to Walmart. I think I paid about $7 and change for this nail cream. And it is amazing!

I love that this product can be applied into your nail bed over nail polish. I massage this into my nails several times a day and always before I go to bed. It is non greasy and smells like almond paste - AND, it works!!
Ta-da, my nails are growing and they are not splitting or peeling like they used to. I've started getting regular manicures and really enjoy wearing a soft blush natural nail bed shade of colour.

It's just one more step to a healthier regime that I've promised myself I'm going to stick with.

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  1. Love this! I'm off to begin a search for it in Canada. If I can't find it here, will e-mail my daughter in Miami - pronto.

  2. Thank you Katharine, this is a great piece of information!! I have some nails that have splits that just won't heal....shall try this ASAP. Wal Mart you say!? N.xo

  3. Thanks so much for the tip my nails are like paper!!
    Have a great day!

  4. Darlin, you are my new BFF! I'm off to Wal-Mart tomorrow as bad as I hate to go there I"m getting a jar and I'll let you know how it works on my peely nails. And those acrylics are the worst. Been there done that too.