Friday, May 11, 2012

love Mom xo

Did you get the how-to handbook in the delivery room? Me either. And miraculously my children turned out wonderfully. The truth is that they both made it easy for me to be their Mom, these were trouble free children {insert envy here}.
Readers of my blog know how important my role as a Mother and Grandmother is for me and how I know that I have been blessed. I've always said that "the reason that I am here is to be a Mother". And while parenting isn't for everyone, for me it has been everything.

My children were really young when I divorced {so was I} - and at that age the idea of Mother's Day for them was knowing that they'd go out for a pancake breakfast. I decided we all had a lot to celebrate and be thankful for, so pancakes at the local breakfast spot it was. I would give them a little trinket gift and love notes expressing how proud I was that they picked me to be their Mommy. But it really was about being together ...... and the pancakes of course.

Now I get to be the doting Grandmother to Kya {absolutely the cutest baby in the world}. When my Daughter was pregnant, several people asked me what I would be called - Nana, Nanny, Grandma.... or something else. Proudly - I am Grandma.
Recently Kya has started to call me Swee..... and my Daughter told me that she is trying to say Sweetie.
My heart melts every time she calls out; 'oh swee, Swee'.

Baby K last summer ..... my Daughter and I have shoe envy.

As a single parent it was important for me to keep traditions and build new ones with my children. Now the fun of carrying on our traditions and developing them further with our Granddaughter assures me that even without a how-to handbook, I took the right path.

To my children; you've given me a mountain of reasons to say I am proud. 
Love Mom

Happy Mother's Day to every woman who answers to the name MOM!
Happy Mother's Day to my best friend Cyndi, who just became a first time Grandmother last night with the arrival of her Grandson - Grayson. {visit her blog here


  1. Dear Katherine, what a lovely and heart felt post!! I too, took my role as Mom very seriously, and adore my two sons! They are my pride and joy, and everyday
    I am grateful for their existence....they have grown into kind, respectful and generous young men, who work as hard as their father does! My only wish is that they will find partners who will care for and love them as much as I do! Wishing you a joyous and love filled Mother's Day, N.xo

  2. Darling Lil''re an amazing Mom, and a wonderful Grandma to K. As a single Mom you worked so very hard making memories and traditions not only for your own children but often including mine as well. I love you so very much, Happy Mothers Day <3
    love dxo

  3. This is a great post...we rarely thank our kids on Mother's Day so I loved this!

  4. Love you too, Mom. Thanks for always being there and creating those traditions.