Monday, March 5, 2012

The Gift

Richard and I had a day filled with running errands on Saturday and spent a good part of the day driving. On our final drive home around the dinner hour, the sun was settling down around the volume of clouds creating an ominous sight. Infused in the cloud portrait was the pretty hue of the pink setting sun and shapes that seemed to tell a story.
It was during this part of our journey home that I was thankful that Richard was driving so I could enjoy the beauty that was being played out because of a stormy weather day. The colours and the cloud formation reminded me of a beautiful photograph called 'The Gift'.
I carry a small laminated card of the picture in my wallet, it's been there for about 16 years. The inscription on the back reads:  
"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as thought everything is a miracle." {Albert Einstein}

The Gift by Darlene Lamb

The story of the Angel cloud photo is inspiring. Darlene Lamb, who took the picture, was spending time at a friends cottage to help her reflect and grieve for her infant Grandson Adam, who had died of SIDS at the age of 6 months.
One evening Darlene planned to sit and watch the sunset over the lake. As she sat down on a rock she turned to see the cloud formed into the shape of an Angel carrying a gift.
Darlene grabbed her camera and took a picture of the Angel in the sky. As quickly as she captured the beautiful image, the wind changed dispersing the clouds out of the formation. Weeks later Darlene developed the film and discovered the inspiring image. When she showed the picture of the cloud Angel to her Daughter,  Adams Mother, she said that it looked like the Angel was holding an infant.
Darlene decided then that the picture should be named 'The Gift'. She has shared this stunning image hoping to help other people as it has helped her. Darlene explains that 'through Adam, and The Gift, I am sharing the spiritual wonderment with anyone who may be searching for answers, and for peace'.

In addition to the wallet card, I have purchased a framed print and several boxes of blank greeting cards over the years. I keep the cards tucked away to use to send special messages for friends who are searching or struggling.

If you are visiting the Niagara-on-the-Lake area, Angel Treasures {38 Market Street} sells The Gift products. Visit Cloud Angel {here} for all of The Gift products and the complete story about Darlene Lamb.
The picture was taken at a lake in Southern Ontario and I believe that Darlene Lamb is from the Niagara area.

Those quiet moments in the car on the way home this weekend gave me the chance to enjoy the beauty in the sky, and to remind myself that life is a precious gift.


  1. This is just what I needed this morning Katherine.
    Thank you for relating the story on your post. I have never heard it before nor seen the print, but it gave me chills to read this. It is inspiring to know that there are miracles happening every day in the lives of people who need them. I have had a few myself and they are precious to me.
    What a beautiful story to read today.
    sending big hugs your way...

  2. Dear Kathleen, I have read this beautiful story and am familiar with The Gift, and thank you for bringing it to us again! I love your quote by Einstien, how true. As I get older I find that gratitude is what I strive to embrace more and more. I am glad you enjoyed the story of the china and Niagara on the Lake...and yes, I love Cecile's and have also been to their B and B during the Christmas season....sublime! Must thank you for the lovely comment, yes I agree, I believe in signs from above too!! N.xo

  3. hi Kathleen! I have never heard this story or seen this photo before... it is gorgeous.