Friday, January 21, 2011

Glamourous Style

I love this Dior gown (1953) and the fur stole completes the look of glamour. 

More elegance in brown :: 1948 Vogue (by John Rawlings)
 There is so much more to a vintage couture gown than good looks. The feel of wearing a soft chiffon draped gown or the rustling of a taffeta skirt is luxurious. The brown taffeta full skirt reminds me of a cocktail length taffeta full skirt I have (a'la Liptons - to you remember that store). The skirt has a drop yoke waist, box pleats and the skirt base floats just above the ankle in the front and drops slightly lower in the back. I always felt like waltzing when I wore it.
Dior 1952 :: Wrapped in soft and feminine.

Jacques Fath 1953 :: Simplicity. Wonderfully the courtyards in Paris still look the same today. This is a beautiful setting for a gorgeous gown.

Jacques Fath (1948) :: the floaty ruffles are complimented by the delicate seed beaded bodice.

Jean Patou 1955 :: The dropped yoke waist is so complimentary to a ladies waistline.

 Barbara Goalen 1952

The simplicity of this style, even her hairstyle, is timeless.

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