Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebrating Dad

Today - January 27th, is my Father's Birthday. He passed away very suddenly 12 years ago, far too early in life at only 63 years old. We will raise a glass of cheer to him at dinner as we do each year and celebrate the incredible man he was.

Everyone loved my Dad, he was just one of those warm and happy personalities. He worked hard (owned his own business), always put 'his girls' first, was devoted to his family, had a great sense of humour and did 'what was right'. He was one of the good guys.

I was always a Daddy's girl and knew without him telling me that he 'had my back'. I miss him so very much every day. Today I celebrate his life and the incredible man that he was. Happy Birthday Dad ~ ~ i love YOU.

Pool tubing with DaddyO
Ha, here we are swimming in the family pool. I think I was 20. My Dad didn't swim - thus the tube to float around in. Then when my Son was born and I took him to baby swim classes at six months; my Dad came to see him at swim classes and said ' there will be more Grandchildren, I think need to take lessons too'. And so my Father signed up and took swim lessons so that he could confidently swim with the kids.

                          Here's to you Dad, we celebrate you today.

Cardinal visits connect me with my Dad

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  1. Darling Katherine, what a lovely tribute to our Dad. He was indeed a wonderful man & an awesome Father. Miss him all the time but today I really wanted to speak to him. I love you sissy.....d xo