Thursday, January 27, 2011

Everyone needs a little Glamour

We are currently living in a small two bedroom apartment while we decide on a permanent home. When Richard and I met three years ago he lived it a lovely French Chateau style house on an acre and a half deep wooded property. There were three interconnecting ponds and a 265 foot driveway that set the house back among the tall oaks on the land.

Tall Oaks Estate

Richard sold the property; we hadn't found a new house and so we leased a little Historical house in Old Oakville 'to try out the neighbourhood'. It was a big change for him to be in such a little house, but the house was so charming we loved it.
I painted almost the entire house in soft Historical colours and found our furniture actually was enhanced within the new surroundings.

The rooms were small, the main floor had been updated to an open concept which created great flow. The two bedrooms were small and another little room was converted to a dressing room complete with built-in closets.

Entry of the 1853 House we leased

Open concept - den/dining/kitchen area

This kitchen might be small but there was great pantry cupboards with ample space

A year later we still hadn't found 'the' house and the owner of this little charmer needed to sell the property..... so we moved. I didn't want to move again unless we were going in to our last home, but move we did. I cried - I was miserable. We didn't find another house to lease (ok, not one at a reasonable cost), so we leased a two bedroom apartment.
I measured every wall and inch to try and prepare a floor plan. What would we take? What would go in to storage? Pout .... actually it was POUT!!

Our new temporary space is small and maybe that will encourage us to settle on a final property. Here are a few pictures of our 'things' adjusting to the another location. I think it's proof that if you have good core decor items you can work them in anywhere.

Our sideboard hutch comes alive with a new 'old' mirror from Winterberry Lane.

Murano glass, silver vase from HomeSense 

A new mirror from Winterberry Lane brings style and grace to the front entry.

The kitchen in our apartment is limited (ok, yes - it's small). And then there is a useless little nook taking up space and not adding value to the need for more storage. We went on a hunt for an antique sideboard to keep the microwave and some dishes on.

This great sideboard had two front doors originally which we removed. Then we had the white/grey marble top cut and added. I love the sideboard - it is one of my favourite pieces in the apartment.

sideboard purchased at 'My Back Shed Too'

Visit My Back Shed too!  @  Ohh Beautiful Things

When you live in a limited space everything must have a place and must go back in place to keep order. At our other two homes we had generous cupboards/drawers at the back entry - great for dropping keys, cell phones, mail. We needed a front hall solution to fit in the 15 inch wide space at the door. This mustard yellow cabinet brings colour pop to the entry and is the perfect solution for storage, and one of the Buddha heads from Richard collection.

Another great find from HomeSense

 We are continuing our search for 'the' house ::  but in the meantime our familiar things, mixed with some new things suddenly brings the Glamour home.

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