Friday, December 31, 2010

Wishes for the New Year

Lynda with me at a New Year's Celebration two years ago

This has been a year of mixed emotions. I watched my best friend willow away from cancer and die in May. Only ten days later my Daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The roller coaster of emotion has played out all the way through as I've thought of my friend Lynda's vivacious smile so many times in the recent days - and I've enjoyed the fresh beauty and million watt grin of my Granddaughter.

Life is full of unexpected journeys and they all touch our hearts in different ways.

To my beautiful friend Lynda :: I miss you so much. My life and heart is richer because of you. I love you.

To my incredible Daughter :: I can never thank you enough for sharing with me your experiences as you became a Mother, the absolute joy of watching the birth of your Daughter and the bond that we have shared grow stronger every day. You are an incredible woman. I love you beautiful.

To my baby Granddaughter :: I love being a Grandma because of you. I'm looking forward to watching you grow and explore. You make my heart sing. I love you baby Kya.

To my Son :: you are awesome. A gentleman - smart, noble, sensitive and kind. The world is yours to grab by the horns and you are going to rock the world at your new business venture. I love you sweetie.

To my Honey - Richard :: YOU are everything I ever dreamed of and I'm so excited about sharing a brand new year with you. I love you Honey.

Being a Grandparent has been the highlight of the year.

 Wishes to everyone for a joyous New Year filled with love, happiness and good health. Happy 2011.


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  1. To my darling Sister, I am thrilled that all of your dreams are coming true. I am blessed to have you as my sister, even more blessed to also have you as a best friend. Happy New Year !
    I love you so much xo d