Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Wreath

I'm trying to find among the thousand of pictures I've taken, a photo of last year's Christmas wreath. For now I've submitted the image from Martha Stewart.

I fell in love with this soft, cedar draped design and thought 'I can do that'. I was so proud that the wreath turned out like the picture. I used an over-sized soft draped B.C. cedar wreath (from Terra Nursery) to add more of a lacy effect. I bought several sizes of silver balls and wired them on to the cedar wreath, then tucked eucalyptus in among the branches and silver ornaments.

The wreath was so robust that it filled the door of the historical house we lived in last winter. People constantly stopped at the front of the house to tell me how much they loved the wreath. I could have sold it a dozen times over.

Martha Stewart Christmas Wreath

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  1. Just a note to say thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate it!
    I can't think of anything nicer than arriving at a home and first enjoying the aroma of cedar, greens, and eucalyptus!
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season & happy new year!