Wednesday, December 1, 2010

L'Hotel Particulier

We visited a beautiful boutique hotel two years ago in Arles, France. I had discovered the spot online when we were planning our trip throughout France and was excited about staying there. L'Hotel Particulier is a romantic hotel hidden in the little cobble streets of Arles, a city that was once home to Vincent Van Gogh.
The hotel is a gem in this dark little town. Madame, who owns the pretty spot, has lovingly decorated the multiple historical buildings that link to create an elegant oasis. The large black double doors open in to a pretty courtyard that showcases traditional Parisian style windows, an oblong splash pool and abundance of greenery. The winding staircase is original stonework and leads to the second floor terrace and guestrooms where we stayed.

All photo's below are my own.

L'Hotel Particulier - Arles, France

staircase to upper terrace and guest rooms

The rooms at the hotel are decorated primarily in white creating a tranquil atmosphere throughout the buildings. Decor elements highlight the individual character of each room, but the common ground is the soft white elegance that whispers throughout the hotel.
We enjoyed the newly opened restaurant that featured the skill of a young chef who hailed from a Michelin restaurant in Cannes. The food was incredible and the ambiance of the room created a spot to linger over breakfast in the morning or another bottle of French wine with a meal.

Charcoal painted canvas adorns the restaurant wall

Old black & white films played on the wall of the restaurant during breakfast
Foyer entrance to restaurant at L'Hotel Particulier :: love the painted canvas

We visited wineries in the area and enjoyed wine with cheeses back on the terrace outside of our room. It was such a tranquil spot, I thought we could just stay there forever. Mmmmm, wonderful wine, great cheeses and candlelight with my Honey.

The main room(s) at the hotel lounge area feature white walls, soft gold gilded trims and a mixture of modern lines with antique pieces.

The etched glass staircase in the main lodge winds its way to the lower level were the cave like spa is snuggled away. The soft elegance of white continues and you are encased in a room that offers a private retreat for water therapy and massage :: one of the best massages I have ever experienced.

I must admit that the pictures of the original kitchen at the hotel are something I sneak a peak at often. I fell in love with the room and have considered modeling a kitchen for our house after the style.

Notice the monks encased in glass domes on top of the black cupboards. It's the wonderful touches that Madame inserted from the abundance of French antiques that brings warmth and whimsy to each space. 

Original kitchen at L'Hotel Particulier :: I so want this kitchen.

Looking into the reception area

View of kitchen looking into the main lounge area

It's so beautiful and elegant :: sigh!


  1. I would love to stay there.Is it affordable?

  2. Fiona,
    I recall it being reasonable. More importantly, you deserve the treat of this beautiful place.

    I've added a link to the hotel to view the romantic spot.