Thursday, January 7, 2016


On the way to tackling my to-do list this morning,
the glistening from the lake caught my eye. 
How could I possibly resist this vista.
Moments like this don't last.

The list was put on pause while I took in the beauty of Lake Ontario.

Enjoy the pause.

Look closely and you will see the geese flying just over the top of the lake water.

Lake Ontario. Old Oakville.

Happy Friday. 
Enjoy the Pause that the weekend brings.


  1. Beautiful capture Katherine!!! You are so blessed to live where you do.
    Wishing you a happy Friday as well and a wonderful New Year!
    hugs from me...

    1. You are right June. Walking alone the shoreline at Lake Ontario is so tranquil.

  2. Replies
    1. That is a Canada Goose bird. They float calmly at times and honk so loudly at other times that they can be heard for blocks. It's pretty special to see them fly in formation or skim just inches above the water.

      Thanks for stopping by.