Monday, June 8, 2015

What have we been up to ?

It's been a busy time here at Cardinal House. I've barely had time to read my favourite blogs, never mind write posts of my own.
Thank you for reading and following my blog - my readers, you are the most patient people.

So - what have we been up to?

1.   After a long wait, the marble was installed on our living room fireplace.

This makes me so happy. Our original fireplace was a wall of angel stone and the rework has been a labour of love. The wood mantle is originally from old city hall in Toronto. This is the same carrara marble that was used in our kitchen - hello gorgeous!

2.    Sometimes it's the small things that matter. And in this case it is the installation of a drying bar.

Something pretty will be added above the washer and dryer.

I hang a lot of my tops and blouses - so this drying bar will be filled at times. Perfect, easy, convenient.

galvanized pipe linked together and painted with hammered metal spray paint.


This metal laundry sign hangs on the wall - a gift from my sister.

The vintage theatre benches are perfect in the mudroom to sit and put your shoes on.

3.   The glass bistro shelves were installed - this was done a few month ago, but I keep adding to the vignettes.

The sideboard is topped with Carrara marble that is carried throughout the rest of the kitchen. Continental Glass made the shelves flat on the back and curved on the front (a little nod to the French patisserie).

In addition to making and installing our shower enclosures, Continental hung the heavy mirror over the sideboard, along with the glass shelves/brackets. Bless them - so much easier to have a professional come in and do it all so you don't have to fuss.

4.   Our new sofa's for the family room arrived. Two of them flank the fireplace.

The manufacturer is Marc Antonio Design (via Union Lighting). I am on the hunt for other accent pillows with more colour - maybe something with blue.

rug is from Home Sense

5.   The last of the two rooms downstairs were finished.

We didn't have immediate plans for part of the downstairs - frankly we really didn't know what we would do with all the space. The rooms were finished with generous closets built, and a storage area was added. For now it's a pretty living room and double bedroom. It will eventually be a large guest/sitting room and the large space will become a gym.


Looking back at the same space now.

The closets and hardware match throughout the house. The large double bedroom has two closets and solid French doors centered on the room.

6.    We gathered together - there has been a celebration almost every weekend for the past three months. Justin's 30th Birthday, Monique's birthday, Mother's Day (with a great barbecue in the yard), Kya's 5th birthday, and then - Richard's 60th birthday party a'la 70 guests at the house. All of it so much fun.

at the Mother's Day barbecue

Kya's 5th birthday

Richard - hard to believe he is 60.

Toasting the birthday boy.

And of course I have been hard at work in the garden. This is my favourite season. Watching plantings come to life after the cold winter and the fun of adding to the garden, it's my happy place.
I will share images soon of the garden and property before and now. Even we stand in the yard and cannot believe the transformation.

Whew !! It's been busy .... more to share with you soon. Thanks for following.


  1. Everything is gorgeous, but that mantle really takes the cake. Just stunning!! I love the sofas too :)