Friday, June 26, 2015


Although the first day of summer arrived five days ago, there is nothing that marks the start of the season more than the last day of school. We had a celebratory dinner at a local restaurant last night as our graduate cheerfully announced - 'I'm an SK now'. For those of you who are not in the know - that is the giant step from Junior Kindergarten (JK) to Senior Kindergarten (SK).

On our way to school yesterday the radio was playing Alice Cooper - Schools Out. I turned it up loud so Kya could rock to the ultimate last day of school song. And there she was - with the windows down, hair blowing in the breeze, singing it out loud.... in her car seat. 

The entire school took lunch outside on the huge backyard lawn/park, parents and grandparents arrived to join the picnic. An ice cream truck was parked at the front doors of the school and each student lined up to select their cool treat.

There was a 'first day of JK 2015' photo taken in September, the difference really highlights how much Kya grew this year. There were days of tears and uncertainty during those first weeks of school, and now she is confident and feeling secure in the environment. Kya had a good year at school and there are at least another fifteen more years to go. But for now - schools out.

Have a safe summer.

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a tranquil morning walk by the lake brings deep meaning.

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  1. So now Kya will have the whole summer off to get ready for the next step through her school year! Congratulations Kya, on a great year! Sing your heart out!
    Hugs to you Katherine...