Monday, February 2, 2015

Making up for the light snow

We have been lucky with the winter weather so far, that is until last night. In an 18 hour period, we went from zero to thirty - that's 30 cm (one foot). The difficult part of that much snow falling in a short period of time is keeping up with moving it.
Bless my new neighbour for coming to my rescue this morning and helping me. He casually walked across the road with a big snow blower and cleared the large mounds of snow while I shoveled the paths.

And yes, it was me who said to Richard -  'I think I can handle the snow with shoveling. We'll see how it goes before we get a snow blower'. Hmmm!
(Richard was plowing his way through the roads to get to the airport for a flight - oh what fun!).
The truth is that I would have soldiered through and it might have taken me another hour and more muscle to do it.

cleared for the time being

When I have to  decide to push myself on physical projects like lifting a piece of furniture or hauling a tree across the yard, I always chant to myself the famous little song : Just don't tell that little old ant, she can't move that rubber tree plant ........
I once shared this with my granddaughter, who giggled at the idea that it gave me the strength to finish the task. OK, so that and a strong independent streak married with a big dose of I can't let this beat me.

start chanting

My neighbour thought the snow blower would be too heavy for me to handle. But I'm willing to give it a go and it can't be any worse than lifting that volume of weight with a shovel.

It's not a secret that I'm not a winter girl, but the snow is always pretty to see ...... for maybe a snow fall or two. And then I'm so over it.

If you are traveling in the white prettiness of snow, be safe.


  1. Ha. It might be smart if I said yes, then I could justify the snow blower. But I'm really used to doing this type of thing from the amount of house/yard work. If it was summer yard work I'd be out there until dark.

  2. It looks so pretty, Katherine...we've only had a light dusting of snow here in London...keep warm ;) Happy Weekend xx

  3. wow.. that's a lot of snow. we are still partially buried under last weeks snow.