Monday, November 3, 2014

Snow White 25 years later

For years I made my children's Halloween costumes. The sewing machine got a good workout with the requests/suggestions for both of the kids. A tiger costume that I made one year for my Son {who is now 33} was worn another eight times by various kids. When my Son saw a picture recently of one of his other costumes he recalled how 'Mom even made a silver guitar to go with the costume'. Heck, I didn't even remember that; but it's nice to know that it created good memories for my children.

I kept a couple of the costumes that I made and one in particular will be re-used this year by my Granddaughter. The Snow White costume I made for my Daughter when she was in kindergarten - 25 years ago. This was a longer sewing commitment than the other costumes and it required a pattern. The sleeves were in nine pieces to get the colour folds and cuff. Even now I recall this one well.

I dug out a picture of Monique in the costume when she was five and showed it to her Daughter, who thought it was a picture of herself in the costume. She was amazed when I told her that it was her Mama, and then wanted to know 'who is the man' {her uncle}. At four Kya is learning the dynamics that we were all children once too.

This is a picture of an actual photograph, so not the best quality. But look at my two kids - I remember the excitement around Halloween, we always had fun with the process all through October getting pumpkins ready and such.

I am thrilled that my Granddaughter wore the Snow White costume this year when she went trick or treating. It makes me teary eyed when she swirls around in the dress, just like her Mama did.

Kya was only five months old the first time she had a Halloween costume. Each one of the costumes has required some sort of sewing, sparkles or adjustments {the hats are always way too big}, and I'm really happy that I can do this for her.

5 months - a ladybug {who brought her Grandpa to tears with her cuteness}
2nd Halloween - a cupcake with a cherry on top hat

3rd Halloween - Madeline. She was the talk of the town - literally.
4th Halloween - Jessie from Toy Story. We had to have the red sparkle boots too.

Snow White crashed on the kitchen floor with her sparkle wand - exhausted from trick or treating.


  1. What a special post for me to read Katherine. I love the costumes you loving made for your little Kya as well as hearing about the ones you made for your own children. You've made some awesome ones! I love that she got to wear the very Snow White costume sewn so many years ago. Aren't we lucky that we know how to sew? I used to make many of my own clothes as a teen and young mom as well as all my daughter's dresses. I really cherish those memories now. I probably wouldn't be caught dead in anything I make now, but I've been thinking of doing just a little embellishing with lace to some of the things I buy myself.
    I love your plans for your yard and know how much fun it is to plan for the changes. That's one of my favorite things about winter, it gives me ample time to plan.
    sending hugs...

    1. June, It made me so, so happy that my Granddaughter wore the costume I made for her Mama. The wonderful thing about Grandchildren is that it makes us go back all over again to the things we did with our children - baking together, playing Barbies, sewing for them. I love it.
      And I too would not be able to wear any of my sewing projects - unless it was an apron or something.

      thanks for stopping by.