Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Good Neighbours

We have been blessed with good great neighbours. Even before we moved in, our neighbours came out to meet us as we scoped the house out just after we bought it. They've put up with the construction noise and dust, many Bobcat back hoes on the front lawn and our constant chatter about the renovation plans. 

On our first night in the house back in May, our neighbours came over with a bottle of champagne to celebrate our new home. What a nice welcome. They are good people who's company we really enjoy. 
AND a bonus - they have two cats who would wreck havoc on fresh flowers brought in from the garden. What a bonus for me! My neighbour offered some of their hydrangea blooms that are changing colour with the fall weather. It turns out that the sweet little felines would bat the blooms around and make a big mess. Of course I was happy to oblige and bring a few pom poms in. 

I have other hydrangea blooms that I've savoured and protected for about 7 or 8 years. Not kidding.  So it's nice to have some new blooms to dry that are just tipping in to the rich fall colours. The pom poms are big ..... honestly I didn't cut that many. I keep moving the dish around taking pictures in several spots because the colours are like jewels.

We are grateful for wonderful neighbours and thankful that the cats have no appreciation of flowers. Thanks Hilde for sharing the blooms with me. Hugs, K.

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