Friday, November 29, 2013

It's about YOUR presence.

A Gift Wrapped Life

While you digest the turkey dinner from yesterday and watch the news of people fighting in the big box stores for scraps of future gifts ...... 

It is not about the presents - it's about YOUR PRESENCE. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Say Something

Her new look may be understated, but the power of Christina Aguilera's voice cannot be hidden in the newly released song 'Say Something'. Truthfully the real power comes with Christina's control throughout the ballad, this is not the take-the-high-note and belt-it-out-song you're used to hearing her perform.

The young and powerful song writing talents of Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino of Great Big World, are the duo behind the tear soaked lyrics. The pair were approached by Christina who requested the opportunity to sing on one of the tracks for Say Something, the result is a song that will grab at your heart.

Ian Axel is a passionate musician with a dynamic voice that pulls you into the song, while Aguilera disciplines her voice and compliments him. The combination is soft and sweet, yet a powerhouse combination at the same time.

Christina Aguilera on the video Say Something

They will perform the song at the American Music Awards this Sunday, where I imagine the set will be simple to allow the ballad to breath {just as Christina said she wanted it to}. The real volume from this new recording will come from the repeated airplay it will surely receive.
Ian Alex and Chad Vaccarino are explosively talented song writers who are best known for their single This Is The New Year. And if you aren't familiar with them yet, you will be when this song takes hold of your heart.

Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino song writers of Say Something

Say something, I'm giving up on you.
I'll be the one, if you want me to.
Anywhere, I would've followed you.
Say something, I'm giving up on you.

The message is so simple .... Say Something. Yet we all know that there are times in our lives when we just cannot get the words out. The moment is lost, the time never comes again. We walk away from someone we truly love without saying what is on our mind for fear of destroying what had been. People in our lives go and we don't have the chance to tell them all the simple things that are within our hearts.

The words are a simple message that will draw you into the soft lyrical cry. This song will haunt you and make you think at a much deeper level. And you may realize that you should dig deeper and Say Something.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cardinal House : Starting to See the Light

It may not seem like much to anyone looking at the pictures here, but this - my friends, is progress. When you are renovating a house and it gets stripped right down to the bare bones, it feels like it will never get put back together. The moment I drove up to Cardinal House and saw brand new windows winking back at me, I knew we were on the way home. 

New front windows

So maybe this isn't the prettiest blog/decor image, but these new windows have managed to put a sizable smile on my face. The existing Angel stone has been saved and will be re-worked around the new windows. Eventually the stone and brick on the entire house will be tinted grey {more on that process later}.

front windows before

The small slider windows have been replaced with new long windows with horizontal mullions. The exterior colour is cashmere and the interior is white.

Kya's looking at the construction debris

Kya's bedroom window before.

We engaged Garth Dinan of Accurate Aluminum Works to take on the task of bringing an updated traditional look to our 50 year old bungalow. Truthfully, I could have kissed him when I drove up and saw the windows. Garth and his team will be installing the eaves troughs, fascia and soffits when the masonry is worked.
The stone and brick will be Perma-tinted grey, the eaves in soft satin black with fascia and downspouts in cashmere.

The original living room windows

The original front living room windows of the house were wood framed and leaky. They were set off center in the living room and only inches from the front entrance. The new grouping of windows has been shifted to the left and the entrance has been reworked.

new living room windows will have angel stone around them

inside the living room..... much prettiness to follow

The long windows are very different than what has been typically put in this style of home, so I felt it was a risk {oh, and isn't Richard happy to hear that now}. The 'look' is exactly what we had hoped for. The glass doors leading to the garden/lanai will be installed today, the front entrance door and side panel windows will be installed at the end of construction {so they don't get damaged}.

Master bedroom before

New windows in master bedroom
The back wall of the house was knocked down a week ago when the framing was complete and the crew was getting ready for the new windows and doors. The master bedroom now has long windows and a glass door {being installed now} that takes advantage of the beauty of the property.
The newly poured concrete area outside of the bedroom is the lanai - it will have a wood burning fireplace when complete. We are already imagining waking up to the view of the tree's and stepping out onto the covered lanai area with a cup of java.

When I put together the new design for Cardinal House, the focus was on capturing the vista of the house. When the back brick wall of the house finally came down, it gave us a better view of the size and flow of the rooms.
Richard took me to the house one night to surprise me with the progress of the day. With flashlight in hand and work crew lights turned up, we stood in the new open space. Everything we had hoped for with the flow of the house was finally visible. When you step into Cardinal House the vista will take your eye through the house to the windows at the back that over-look the yard. The rooms will be defined but flow into one another, all the while taking advantage of the great view.

piano room

The family room opens to a special room created just for Richard's piano. Here he will be able to sit and be inspired by the view while he plays his Antique Chickering. I know that Kya will keep him company on the piano bench, and they will play a tune for the Cardinal, who will no doubt be sitting among the trees.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Take Your Own Photo

The NEW photographic sensation! 

I'm guessing this photo was taken in the early 50's, how much things have changed since with 'self portraits'. Now we simply hold our camera phone up, flip the switch to reverse the lens and click a 'selfie'.
But some things haven't changed at all. The need to say - 'wait, let me fix my hair, do I have lipstick on'. 

Wishing you a weekend filled with fun, a photo or two, and a dollop of Glamour.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas is in the air

via Terra

Yes, tis the season {already}. 
The stores are decorated with tinsel and little sparkle lights.

I visited the local Terra Greenhouse a few days ago and although pumpkins were still on everyone's mind, the elves had been busy decorating the store for Christmas. 
The truth is that I was already looking for holiday items to help set a commercial space for Christmas. Faux snow flakes and ornaments hooks were on my list.

Pop Christmas

I'm loving the mix of silver and gold with white.

This year's holiday decor theme's offer something for everyone. 
I had intended to be at Terra for 10 minutes - ha, actually it was more like HA!

I really do love Christmas and hunt each year for a few new special things to add to the collection. The theme's this year are extensive and filled with surprises.

I appreciate it when buyers for a company bring in items that work well for the holidays, but are easy to extend all year long.... like these pillows.

In honour of the puppy in your life.
Don't you look at the crowns and think 'but of course'?

Woodland animals are big for holiday theme's this year.
Think squirrels, polar bears, and snowy owls.


Every year the marketplace finds ways to bring a new look to tradition.

Wise men

Along with the bags of faux flakes and hooks, I managed to find a few special ornaments that I couldn't resist. My Granddaughter was the recipient {but of course} of pretty white painted tin hearts, silver glass star ornaments, and a special note to Santa printed on tin.

The clients decorations need to be up now, 
but our own holiday decor will be another month before I decorate.
What about you....... do you decorate ? and when ?

** I was not paid/or asked by Terra to write this post - just love their store and garden center.

Friday, November 1, 2013

What a Treat

The town we live in has a Halloween parade of 'tot's' along main street. Children under the age of five toddle along in their Halloween costumes while the shop keepers give out treats at their doorstep.
It is the cutest event in town by far. My Granddaughter was fascinated by the whole process last year and today proved she is a seasoned pro when it comes to parading.

Kya dressed as Jessie from Toy Story - at Mendocino

at Lulu Lemon 

the ladies at Blue Boho and shop keeper of the new tea shop in town.

While the two and three year old's are busy practicing their shout out of 'trick or treat', the parents and shop keepers are enjoying all of the cuteness. The costumes were adorable......... twin girls dressed as little chicks, a tiny girl dressed as Princess Leia, and her older brother who was barely three - dressed as Luke Skywalker. All of the children easily stole everyone's heart with their cuteness.

Many of the shop keepers and staff dress in costume as well which adds a big surprise for the tot's. Both fire and police departments are there giving out colouring books and assisting little trick or treaters up into the fire truck for a photo opportunity.

Candy was on the menu at Cob's Bakery today.

While older siblings may be at school enjoying a Halloween event, this parade is dedicated to just the youngest residents of town. Seniors in town settle in at some of the coffee shops to watch the costume parade. It's fun and a feel good time - I love it!

Kya has always been a little beacon of light, the goodwill ambassador talking to everyone; so many of the shop keepers know her. To add to the cuteness was the fact that my Daughter and I had to take Kya to see her 'friends' at the bank, the bakery, the drug store. She twirled on her red sparkle Jessie cowgirl boots at each visit.

Kya at the doorway of Mendocino last year as Madeline and this year as Jessie. Clearly hats are her thing.

I realized today that even when Kya is 'a big girl' {as she calls it} and no longer at the Tot's on Parade; I will most likely be found at the coffee shop with the seniors..... taking in the adorable scenery.