Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scenic Travel

Admit it, the summer travel bug is biting at your heels. 
You yearn to throw some pretty things into a carry-on and then carry your pretty little self on out of town. Whether it's a road trip in the family van or a last minute sell-off flight to a city called 'fun', you just need to escape. 

Maybe it is the repetitive screening of 'Thomas the Train' episodes that my Granddaughter watches that has made me itch to climb aboard a train and role out of town. 
Travel by train offers beautiful scenery, elegant coaches, plus the opportunity to sit back and relax.

Grab your boarding pass and imagine the relaxing trip you could take via the train.

via Venice Simplon- Orient-Express

The journey by train gives travelers the opportunity to sit back and drink in the scenery. I think of the luxury and elegance of a train like the Orient-Express when I think of extensive train travel. The experience should be equivalent to that of a top rated luxury hotel.

source Venice Simplon Orient-Express

With the rail lines traveling through some of the most picturesque back yards around the world, you are guaranteed to enjoy a truly scenic journey.

Good Morning, Room Service!

Have you traveled by luxury train? or - does the idea of traveling by luxury train appeal to you?


  1. Hi Katherine,

    Have not ever travelled by luxury train, except going first class from London to Paris.
    One day it would be wonderful to do the Oriental Express trip.
    Great post and hope you are enjoying the week


    1. London to Paris sounds like a perfect journey, I hope that you get the opportunity to take a luxury rail trip.