Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Lucky Penny

My Granddaughter discovered several coins in the entry hall table and brought them to me announcing 'Grandma, look at my lucky penny'. When you are two and a half years old all coins are the same. So the dime, nickel and quarter were automatically labeled 'lucky penny'. I realized that with the phasing out of the Canadian penny my Granddaughter will not have the one cent piece as part of her life.

Canada's Economic Action Plan announced that the one cent copper penny costs 1.6 cents to produce. And although the penny will be taken out of circulation it will retain its value indefinitely. - The Penny made with 58,923 penny's.

When my Granddaughter is learning basic math and discovering the function of counting back change, there will now be rules or standards attached that we have never experienced before.
Rounding. Symmetrical Rounding according to the Canadian Government. That is what the exercise of adjustment is being referred to. Round it UP, round it DOWN?  Possibly there will be a few arguments over which way it should go.

So what do we do with all these copper coins? The various shades and degree of shine have brought some ingenious people to utilize the penny in unique ways.

Copper Penny backsplash via HGTV

If gluing every penny one at a time seems excessive, you can use mosaic tile backing to prepare the coins for easier application to various surfaces.

via reno210

Grouting and sealing penny's to be used in a shower may prove to be a difficult project....... It's hard to believe that the shower base is made with penny's - it does look striking.

via pinterest

Materia Penny Copper Medussa Atlas Floor

According to ancient Greeks, copper coins protected against evil and attract love. Finding a lucky copper coin means you are being protected from any evil energy and you can use it as a lucky charm. 

You could use your penny's to have a couture dress made. This one is by Raymond Waters Couture.

An 'up-cycled re-purposed coin bracelet'  via etsy

Sporting various shades of copper coins Renee Gruszecki creates jewellery honouring the copper coins and sells vintage coins. Coin Coin Designs & Co.

I like the idea of Kya always having a 'lucky penny'. I think we will sort through our coin jar and pick out some penny's of different years, various colours and even a few with some dirt, paint or markings on them. Together we will have fun gluing the coins in a display.

After all, everyone should have a framed lucky penny masterpiece.

{This lucky penny frame is made with U.S. penny's .............. which are slated to be retired as well.}


  1. Dear Katharine , I don't know why I am not receiving your posts in my box?? I am happy to catch up however, as you always have informative and beautiful news to share with us! How "lucky" for you to have a little granddaughter to share the exit of our lucky copper pennies with!! I would be thrilled! I think I have a collection of pennies somewhere in a very large jar....I used to save them when doing laundry, emptying my boy's jean is always great to see your kind and thoughtful comments, N.xoxo

  2. What a fascinating post on the uses of pennies. Heaven knows they are worthless in our wallets now. I love the shower and wonder at the cost to do the backsplash. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. OMG that penny backsplash and bathroom tiles is amazing!! I want to do that in my kitchen!!