Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beauty in an unspoiled landscape

A few weeks ago I received an email blast from Architectural Digest, within one of the lead stories was an image that caught my attention and that took me on a journey to the Umbrian hillsides. It is there that the breathtaking estates of Castello di Reschio offer pure beauty in the Italian countryside.

Castello di Reschio - the stone faced fireplace, sofa's and hinge winged table were all designed by Architect Benedikt Bolza, son of Count Antonio Bolza.

Castello di Reschio is a 2,700 acre estate that features a 12th Century castle and 40 once derelict farmhouses. Count Antonio  Bolza, a Hungarian exile, bought one acre of land on the edge of the property back in 1984, but it wasn't until ten years later that he purchased the remaining estate. The transformation of the broken stone buildings began and unused properties started to emerge as stunning masterpieces. Today the family run estate and business has created spectacular properties surrounded by the beauty of the Umbrian countryside.

Double-height master bath with heated copper towel racks and travertine wash stands was designed by Benedikt.

Rebuilding each home is a family affair that Benedikt, who is also the Estate Director, takes to heart. The Bolza family works with a team of over 100 builders and craftsmen to design, re-construct and manage the houses and gardens for their clients.

The villas are outfitted with classic features such as limestone floors, stone fireplaces, raw oak wood tables, wall sconces and generous waterfall shower heads. Mixed in the charm of true Italian style are features of convenience that offer the standard of luxury that their clients are accustomed to - heated floors, media rooms, tennis courts, a spa and gym.

No where else can you float in your infinity pool and gaze out over the green countryside that promises to capture your heart and steal you back in time. This is where old has been restored and new sits back quietly drinking in the beauty of an unspoiled landscape.

Enjoy a tour of some of the beautiful properties of Castello di Reschio and the heavenly countryside that surrounds the centuries old stone buildings.

For details visit Castello di Reschio

Castello di Reschio - Roci.

Noci - The 17th century restored farmhouse can be rented for $1,500 to $2,500 per night.

One of the tranquil bedrooms of Noci villa at Castello de Reschio.

Barcelino Villa can be rented for $1,100 to $1,400 per night.

This one bedroom cottage features a private pool, outdoor kitchen and spa bath.

Belvedere at Castello di Reschio

Belvedere Villa

Belvedere Villa

Stunning stone work at Belvedere.

Mosaic tile floor and timber line roof in the main bath at Belvedere.

Palazzo at Castello di Reschio

Stone and tile provide old world charm to the billiard room at Palazzo.

Tennis courts overlooking the hillside of Umbria - Palazzo Villa.

The candles are lit in the dining room at San Paolo Villa

Amenities of a modern bath are framed by centuries old stone at San Paolo.

San Paolo Villa at Castello di Reschio

Pack your bags ......... the doors are open at Castello de Reschio.

images via Italian Villas and Castello di Reschio


  1. This is torture!! How beautiful is this properties... Pack my bags?? I am already on my way to the airport...:)

  2. Absolutely stunning...the Italian countryside ahhh!!!!
    I'm going to pop across and take a look at their've tempted me ;-)

  3. I don't remember seeing that email from AD so this was all new to me! One of the benefits of aging? Haha