Sunday, September 30, 2012

End of the role

David Dixon - 2005

Zenobia - 2005

Katrina Tuttle - 2010

Do you know what all of these designs have in common? The material for the fashions comes from a role of bathroom tissue. The White Cashmere Collection a'la cashmere bathroom tissue first took to the runway back in 2004. The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is the benefactor of the fundraising adventures via this annual bathroom tissue couture collection.

Golnaz Ashtiani - 2012
Canadian designers have once again created a collection of fashions from full sheets of layered bathroom tissue for the annual 'Fashion for Compassion' event. Beyond the vision of fashion is a vision for a future without breast cancer.

Rod Philpott - 2012

Intricate details are imitated in hand cut blossoms, ruffles and cut lace designs. The white and pink cashmere bathroom tissue is a limited addition product that is sold with a small donation directed to the cause.

October is breast cancer awareness month - for your Mother, your Sister, your friend, yourself..... make a donation today.

Suhalia Niazi - 2012 

Joel Bissonnette - 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Have a Glamourous Weekend

British VOGUE 1959

The weather became a bit cooler this week and fall is definitely in the air. Of course it's not cool enough to warrant a fur {or faux fur} .......... but doesn't she look Glamourous?

Enjoy the weather wherever you may be and have a Glamourous weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kate & William visit Singapore

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in the South Pacific as representatives of the Queen for the Jubilee celebrations. As always, all eyes are on the young royals and in particular on Kate. What the Duchess wore - her shoes, her handbag, her hairstyle. We are obsessed with Kate and it's understandable, she has a classic elegance and beauty.

Theirs is a love story that the world wants to read about.

The media is constantly querying her appearance suggesting that Kate is pregnant. They flip from one side of the coin saying she is too thin, to the other pointing out a possible baby bump. Don't we all have great 'skinny' pictures of ourselves and a few pictures that make us cry out 'I look so fat'. It is all about the angle of the shot and our posture.

The Duke and Duchess arrived in Singapore and went straight from their flight to begin the personal appearances. The temperatures and humidity is almost unbearable, with reports of local residents fainting while waiting to see the royal procession.

The media rolled with speculations that Kate was expecting because she drank water at a reception rather than wine. Seasoned travelers know that increasing your consumption of water while flying helps to keep you hydrated and eases the jet lag conditions. Imagine stepping off a thirteen hour flight with a seven hour time difference to immediately greet crowds of people. Add the overwhelming temperatures and a humidity level of 70%, I know I would seem a bit weary.

 I applaud Demi Lovato for voicing her opinion on the 'media's consistent need to fuel the pregnancy rumours' {read it here}. Miss Lovato makes the valid point that this is why men and women {in particular} have body image issues. 

Below is a picture that fueled speculation with comments about Kate's 'expanding waistline' {seriously ?}. Any woman who has worn pantyhose in ultra hot weather will attest that the number one feeling is bloating - the waistband is binding your midsection and your body is screaming to take the hose off.
Even William, who mentioned during the state dinner that 'the jet lag is the hardest', looked a bit uncomfortable at times with the overwhelming humidity.

I encourage the media to forget about a potential 'baby announcement', if and when it happens the world will know at the same time with a news release from the palace.

The Queen couldn't have better representatives for her jubilee celebrations than William and Catherine.  At times I have to remind myself how young they are, their level of maturity and poise is well beyond their age. From the emotional presentation of the orchid named in honour of Diana, Princess of Wales, to touring memorial gardens and glittering at a state dinner; the young royals shine. 

Here are some pictures of the happy couple as they tour the South Pacific.

Touring the memorial gardens.

Signing the guest registry.

The Duchess of Cambridge wearing a gown from the house of Alexander McQueen .

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Film Festival Fever

The Toronto International Film Festival {TIFF} 2012 launched on Thursday night. For the next ten days the city will be a swarm of people connected with the film industry - Producers, Writers, Directors and of course the Stars. Film fanatics take the opportunity to enjoy the line-up of new films and indulge in a little star gazing.

TIFF was a vital part of my past work in publishing and events, it involved months of preparation and planning topped with ten days of hard work with very little sleep. But it was electrifying and fun. One aspect I loved about TIFF were the private dinner events I had the opportunity to plan. It takes a great deal more than just booking a good eatery for a movie premiere dinner, it takes an outstanding host at the venue and a kitchen that hits the mark every time.
If I was choosing a venue this year for film festival, I would have the red carpet rolled out at VOLOS.

Estiatorio Volos

Richard had been to Volos with clients and told me 'we have to go, you will love it'.
Toronto and area has a healthy list of Greek restaurants and we've visited many of them, so I was prepared for the predictable. During our trip to Greece we experienced many outstanding meals, so impressing us would take more than just the average.  {click on the image of the blue door on right side of the blog for our tour of Greece}

Before we get into the menu options, decor and atmosphere of VOLOS, let me get right to the point that always comes to mind when I think about visiting the restaurant ............. it's the Dolmades. Can I say I'm in love!

Dolmades                                                          source

Dolmades are delicate parcels of grape leaves that wrap around Arborio rice, pine nuts and sweet Mexata-soaked golden raisins. I've had my share of 'tough' Dolmades, but these tender little gifts at Volos are by-far-the-best-I've-ever-eaten. This is the type of dish that I call 'MORE'.

There are many items on the menu that are beyond 'the typical Greek menu'. Don't expect to sit down to a souvlaki dinner with heaps of potato's and rice. Volos offers an authentic Greek menu, the choices are parallel to those that we experienced while touring Greece.

Grilled Moroccan Octopus - one of our favourites.

This is a restaurant that offers a healthy selection of appetizers that gives diner guests the opportunity to explore different flavours. Richard and I will frequently play with a menu and order several appetizers to share rather than a main. With choices like Watermelon Feta salad, Crispy Green Zucchini Tower, Giant Sea Scallops in walnut and roasted eggplant puree {yum}, or Sesame Crusted Feta, the options are plentiful.
I mentioned the incredible Dolmades right? More please!

Exochico : Phyllo pastry stuffed with braised Lamb & vegetables, feta & Kefalotyri cheeses.

 'Principal Plates' include selections from the sea : Seafood Kritharoto {a delicious selection that includes Wild Pacific Salmon, Halibut, Tiger Prawns, Calamari and Mussels}, Pan Seared Halibut, and a daily whole fish selection.
The restaurant is 100% pork free and offers Mousakka, Corinthian Makaronia Pasta {another favourite of mine}, Lamb shanks or chops and Veal Tenderloin for meat lovers, as well as Exochico that neatly packages braised Lamb & vegetables in a delicate phyllo pastry. Roasted Cornish Hens with fig walnut stuffing is a flavourful change to typical chicken dishes.

There are wonderful International Wines on the menu, but the choices of wine from Greece should be experienced. One of my favourites is Boutari from Santorini.
And of course we couldn't leave Volos without sharing something sweet at the end of our incredible meal. I absolutely love traditional Baklava, but seriously - Ouzo Chocolate Mousse. Divine!

Large fishing float bouys strung in nets hang over the Celebration Table that offers a special spot for a party of twelve. There is a private dining room that closes off to the main dining area but offers a view of the activity via large wood framed glass doors {perfect for those VIP events}.

Andreas Antonio is well versed in delivering a 'premiere dining experience' from observing his father Antonio successfully operate Mediterra. It was two years ago that the keys were turned over to Andreas and the space, concept and menu took on the modern touch of this handsome young businessman {did I mention that he is handsome and charming}.

Crisp white table linen with white porcelain dishes and clear stemware brings a fresh elegance to the tables. Designer Marc Kyriacou wove his signature mixture of textures and finishes into the space that brings eye catching surprises to the vignettes. The open kitchen faces out onto the main dining room that is wrapped with exposed brick and comfortable aged wood floors. Pops of brilliance in the vignettes showcases over-sized pithoi and a feature wall of gold frames that sit gracefully on their own, everything is delicately lit bringing a warm glow to the space. You won't hear the thump of over-produced sound, but instead the perfect mix of music that allows easy conversation over dinner.


Richard and I have visited Volos several times finding reasons to go into the city and dine there. I enjoy the simple fact that they hit the mark every time with the meal, the atmosphere and service. If you are a Torontonian or visiting the area, I encourage you to enjoy VOLOS.

Estiatorio VOLOS
133 Richmond Street West

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