Friday, February 4, 2011

Not A Snow Bunny

I really do not like the winter and can be a bit cranky when it's too cold. The web and media is full of images of cars stuck in the snow and people shoveling themselves out AGAIN. I hope these pictures of some of the sunnier spots we've visited help to warm everyone up. Enjoy!

Excellence Riviera Cancun- the Spa and spa pool area.

The Pyramids in Mexico

sink hole in Ichinichi

 Are you feeling a bit warmer? Maybe the sunshine in Greece will help.

Seaside massage area at Mykenos Grand - THIS was heaven
And on the Island of Santorini.................. 

Infinity pool at Andronis - Oia, Greece
I can't wait for spring to see the pretty streets right in our own neighbourhood. Stay warm everyone.

St Andrew's Church - Oakville, Ontario

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