Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everybody Loves Wine & Chocolate

We visited Niagara-on-the-Lake (Ontario) this past weekend for the Days of Wine and Chocolate Festival. A weekend away with my Honey in a romantic vineyard town sampling chocolate and wine............. hmmm, that adds up to a perfect combination.

On the way in to town I always stop and visit in at Regal Florist and Garden Center.

When we stepped in to the garden room the smell of the fresh soil in the plants made me believe that the ground hog might be right and that spring is just around the corner. I really get excited when I see all the flowers and plants that Regal has because they are always full, healthy and there is a great assortment. And then of course there are very carefully selected accents ..... wonderful planters, outdoor furniture, and water treatments, garden ornaments.

After eight years of  'stopping by',  I will admit that many of the treasures in my garden and home are from Regal.

Purple highlighted with citrus planters

The water splash has a great sound on this fountain

Regal sells the biggest fern plants I have ever seen

My day would not be complete without a Cardinal sighting

Ahhh, Spring !

Our visit to Regal made me forget that there was snow outside and dream of great spring flowers.

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