Friday, May 6, 2016

At Cardinal House this week

First and foremost, to our fellow Canadians from Fort McMurray, Alberta - 
our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. 
This week, ironically Emergency Preparedness Week, 88,000 people were evacuated from Fort McMurray because of a forest fire that is still raging out of control. 
If you want to help families who narrowly escaped - 
donations  can be made at

This week at Cardinal House ........

We have some special visitors on the way. A bird nest has taken shape above one of our outdoor speakers on the lanai. It's a cozy spot to raise a new family. I'd love to share a picture of what little we can see, but we are all staying back from the area so that we don't scare the mother. Our kitchen table is at the window right beneath the area, so we are looking forward to hearing some little chirping soon.

Richard helped me get into the spring of things with a vibrant tulip bouquet this week. Having flowers near the sink makes the chore of cleaning or cooking a lot brighter.

This is the state of my dining room table currently. Little packages of things I ordered for the wedding have arrived, files of all the contracts, rsvp cards, a basket for the flower girl and personalized vow books. It all reminds me that I need to stop and get a Rubbermaid bin with lid and tuck it away safely.
A collection of dresses for bridesmaids, flower girl and my sister are slowly taking over the guest room. Hey - it's wedding fever time at Cardinal House........

I'm off to the nursery today to hopefully bring home those cells of Trillium plants I wrote about the other day. The great temperatures today and this weekend are perfect to get some of the planters filled with a bit of prettiness.
There are three hydrangea in the house that are crying out to get planted in the garden. This large plant was a snow white flower when she first came home, once in the garden bed I'm sure she'll bloom to her original colour again.

Our daily reminder of the fast approaching wedding date. I'm sure Richard would like to take a board eraser to it. Almost there Honey.

..... and your plans for the weekend ?

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