Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bride Workout

Part of the wedding planning for me was/is to step up a fitness routine. I have this nightmare that I'll walk down the aisle and look like a sausage stuffed in a dress, which is not the look I'm going for. So I've been working on my own 'shape it & tighten it' routine.

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I have never been devoted to a gym, instead wandering in and out of programs over the years. Pilates combined with an on-my-own workout routine was my happy place. But the re-occurring nightmare of a having a little too much girl for the dress was driving me to be more devoted to the mat.


Top of the list is arm toning. Sleeveless summer tops is great motivation, add a wedding dress and it becomes a mission. I dream of having Michelle Obama toned arms, not to mention being able to do the level of push-ups the First Lady does. So I turned to a Tracy Anderson 8 minute arm workout program - added some weights, a pilate routine and push-ups (which I'm bad at) and planks (which are a breeze for me).

I wasn't looking for an exercise buddy, but my Granddaughter has been keeping me company lately with her own personal routine. Somehow houla hooping was added to our program. I wonder how that happened.

Sweating for the wedding. Slimming down for the gown. Bridal boot camp. These are all terms being used to encourage frighten brides-to-be into getting toned. At 57, the idea of being the center of attraction in a gown was enough fear to motivate me.

You don't have to be a gym rat to be devoted to yourself. For me it has been about giving myself more attention and time, pushing a bit harder and changing the routine around.
There are no selfies of me exposing my abs or episodes of passing out at boot camp, just a sensible routine. My workout buddy said 'grandma, after the wedding you don't have to do this arm exercise anymore'. It might be the dress that initially drove me to step up the fitness routine, but it makes healthy sense to keep taking it up a notch.

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 Do you have a personal exercise routine? Do you change up your fitness program on a regular basis?


  1. Good for you.... I have too many other body issues to even have time to worry about my arms. Kind of liberating I guess :)

  2. How interesting. I've been doing a DVD that mixes it up "21 Day Fix"...they have an upper arm workout that's hard. I need to firm up ALL over :/ "Bridal Boot Camp"...ha!