Thursday, November 5, 2015

Have a GLAMOUROUS weekend

The raking of the leaves continues.
When our property is covered with red and gold from the trees, my garden focus shifts to adding more fresh flowers throughout the house and bringing  preserved cuttings indoors.
Two staples for me are dried hydrangea from the garden and preserved boxwood. The wreaths tend to get duplicated throughout the house, but these two are my among favourites.

Whatever the weekend brings your way - Enjoy!

Paris. Always a good idea.


  1. Hi Katharine! These are so lovely! Yes, leaves are coming down like crazy here as well, and the colours of autumn are vanishing by the minute....are you ready for what's next? I have a collection of topiaries which I'm trying desperately to winter over...My kitchen looks like a greenhouse! Sending hugs and best wishes for a wonderful season ahead! Xo

    1. Nella - I love how you skirted around that frightening S word. Yes, leaves are preferred.

  2. Hi Katherine! I'm sure jealous that you have boxwood and I can't grow them here. Many have tried. but they never make it through the winter well enough to have them recover until the end of summer. I love boxwood and I love your wreaths. I love that you embellished them with the gold, it's so pretty. It gets me into a festive mood just seeing them.
    Have a great week my dear.
    sending hugs...