Wednesday, August 19, 2015

IKEA Hacks

I am noticing more frequently images on the net or in home decor magazines that has one thing in common - it's IKEA. The products can be a love/hate relationship, but you have to admit they are constant. Years ago I bought IKEA desks and night tables for my kids rooms. Cheap, cheerful, basic, bland - load it in the car and assemble it at home.
The early years proved that you could build it, but not take it apart and move it. IKEA has improved the quality and stability of it's pieces over time. I have designed and outfitted three large offices using the IKEA business modular systems. Large scale projects or a kitchen build is where the assembly service is worth every cent.

But this is a company that has grown with enormous success, and that doesn't happen without listening to the choir that sang to them. 338 stores in 40 countries = a lot of shared idea's. Now their products are popping up in decor images everywhere. It may be something subtle or a full scale kitchen by IKEA, but they have grown from the basic early apartment style designs first introduced in 1943. IKEA's founder, Ingvar Kamprad's name is the beginning point of the acronym for the stores own name. Elmtaryd is the farm where Kamprad grew up, and the town were the farm was located is Agunnaryd.

Add stock molding around basics to enhance a dressing room. Use IKEA luxe drapes to soften a doorway.

One common element in the IKEA showrooms are the room displays; they vary from location to location, but they offer visitors a glimpse of how to pull it all together. What is happening and you cannot see, is the wheels are in motion for many guests to the enormous home warehouse. And this is where the IKEA Hacks are born. It all begins with a consumer saying 'I'd like it if it was - a different colour, taller, had different handles....'

PAX wardrobe with padded fabric doors and new hardware added.

One of my favourite IKEA hacks is the Vittsjo series of metal shelves and tables painted gold. From simple to vibrant.

IKEA Vittsjo shelf painted gold.

and the coffee table painted gold to match.

Sometimes it is something as simple, as making it not so simple.

A narrow entryway is suddenly filled with great design and shoe storage with Trones stacked tightly together. 

The fun part is that IKEA hacks have discovered and shared so many different ways to utilize the same products.

Trones as recycling bins

Add a wood shelf on top.

Trones with a black base built around them.

Basic bookshelves and cabinets are transformed with additional mill work, creative paint idea's and hardware.

Wardrobe systems carefully altered and trimmed create a one of a kind custom cabinet. 

PAX wardrobes elevated and enhanced with gold center door knobs - by Tommy Smythe. 

When it came time to hunt for kitchen cabinets we took a long look at IKEA kitchens. Designers like Sarah Richardson are installing them in kitchens, so they must be good. And while I like the look, I was concerned about the quality/longevity of the interiors. 

Here is a good example of where I think IKEA hacks it's own kitchen. They have created a kitchen with various elements that you won't find in a regular stock cabinet company. The look is traditional with an industrial twist.

anything but boring !

Upholstered IKEA pieces are not free from hacks, and some of these transformations are offering colourful solutions to work for your home. Check out the BEMZ site to discover a world of new choices - HERE.

JennyLund chair in gotland stripe by BENZ.

IKEA hacks bring out the beauty in the most basic of products - like the LACK table. At $10, if you mess up the hack, it's not a loss.

IKEA Lack table via StyleMePretty

If it can be painted (and everything can), it can be transformed.

Gold spray paint has never been so popular.

Hackers share much needed storage solutions for the new cabin size condo's.

EKBY Drawer Shelf utilized under the bed space.

FLORT remote holder is perfect for the car.

And then sometimes people see things in a very different way.

So what is new on the horizon?
I'm interested to see these pieces transformed and added to the IKEA Hack list.

Falkhojden desk available in white and powder pink.

Sprutt cart - $79 + $9 for a can of spray paint = new bar cart

This is a picture I snapped with my phone at the local IKEA. I had a feeling that they may have hacked someone else.

With dorm rooms needing to be filled with functional living options right now, IKEA hacks offer a ton of creative ideas.

There is one more thing that IKEA offers that can be taken away for assembly; available in Sweden, Great Britain, Finland, Denmark and Norway is the IKEA house. Bo Klok factory built modular homes - details HERE.

Basic with a world of opportunity to customize hack.

** I was not asked by IKEA to comment on their products or compensated for this post. I just hacked into the mountain of idea's for some fun.

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