Friday, July 31, 2015

Life's Little Moments

The message on our kitchen chalkboard says it all.

Life is made of the little moments.

Cardinal House chalkboard

The past week has been filled with many little and wonderful moments. Here's a quick snapshot of what we've been up to.......

My son Dallas, Richard and I headed down to The Beaches Jazz Festival last Friday. The festival has been running for 27 years, and was something my kids looked forward to each year. A 3.5 km stretch along Queen Street is filled with people who invade the neighbourhood to take in the sounds of the various bands. The restaurants are packed, food trucks and vendors line the curbs, and it becomes a sea of music lovers strolling each night.

Arsenals at Beaches Jazz

It was several years ago that we met Dr. Draw, an  electric violinist master (click HERE to view a youtube video). Eugene and his band play each year at the Jazz Festival, and it was five years ago that he performed for us at a private event we held - so it was great to catch a few minutes with him after his set. If Jagger played classic music on violin - he would be named Dr. Draw. This man has unbelievable energy and a very unique talent with the strings.

Ironically Dr. Draw played under a 'no stopping' sign; I couldn't help but think that there really as no stopping him.

We caught a few numbers by Paul James Band (here). This musician is like a cross between Springsteen and Bob Dylan. It turns out that Paul appeared with Dylan in 1999, and the two men remain friends. His energy had the crowd jumping and singing along with him.

And no matter where we go Richard runs in to someone he knows. It was while watching another band that he spotted a sound technician he knew. Kim and Company Band (here) was front and center at the edge of Kew Gardens park. This big band is a favourite for weddings and corporate events. And - WOW!!

Kim and Company Band
The smells of great food flooded the neighbourhood. We lucked out and managed to get on the patio at HogTown - ribs and fixins were on the menu. Thankfully we walked a lot. The sweet smell of corn was everywhere as festival goers wandered the street with grilled cobs in hand.

Then the next day..........

We shared dinner with special friends at one of our favourite restaurants - Cucci (here). My favourite appetizer there is mushrooms on toast - divine. It's always a special evening when we visit this local spot, and this time there was even a quick dance after dinner.

During the week.........

The weather was HOT ....... sizzling. But that didn't stop my sweet granddaughter Kya and I from having a girls day at Toronto Island. This is now our summer ritual for the past three years and Kya is a seasoned pro.
The island is a quick ferry ride over from the docks in Toronto harbour. You can see the planes land at Billy Bishop Airport and take in a breath taking view of the city from the deck of the ferry.

The CN Tower sits behind condo's along the lake edge.

Centreville is the amusement section of the island. They have maintained great old fashioned rides for small children. Kya's favourite it the log ride - this little daredevil has been taking the splash since she was three.
So off we went (twice) in the big log boat, floating along the river, then up and over the drop. Both of us squealing and laughing.

We rode the train, waved to everyone along the way and let our voices be heard when they rolled through the dark tunnel.

We took in the tea cup ride, merry go round and braved the ferris wheel (ha, we are both overcame our fear of heights) and roller coaster.

Pizza and ice cream provided energy for Kya to run around the water park. With temps hitting 35 degrees even Grandma got into running through the fountains there.

If you are looking for a romantic ride at the island, the Gondola is for hire (docked at the arc bridge).

We visited Far Enough Away Farm - Kya's LOVES this part of the island and goes crazy when she see's all the animals. We fed the baby swans at the pond, and then ..........we took one last zoom down the log ride before heading home.

Life's little moments all strung together to make incredible memories.

........... just in time for another weekend.


  1. I love how you enjoy every bit of life you can Katherine! Our lives are so different, and I love it when you share your excursions with us. The jazz festival looks like a wonderful time! I loved every photo. I am so happy that you and Kya were able to get some girl time too.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
    sending hugs...

    1. June, These are all traditions that I started with my kids and now we enjoy it with Richard, and Kya. I'm pretty lucky.
      Enjoy the weekend. hugs K