Thursday, February 20, 2014

Garden Dreams

Back in the fall the weather specialists predicted that it would be a tough winter. Hmmm, for once they were right. I imagined mountains of snow, but never dreamed of the drastic cold temperatures and freezing rain we have endured all season. Even as a Canadian {and we are a hardy group}, I found this winter 'too much'.

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According to the ground hog we have more winter to tolerate, but I think it's time to have a serious talk with Mother Nature about shedding her winter coat.

I've bought pretty flowers in light summer shades to brighten up the rooms, but there is nothing like seeing the snow melt and the first buds popping up in the garden. 

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Is it any wonder why the seasonal home and garden shows are so popular, we are all itching to get the season going.

I had visions of planting allium bulbs last fall so that the path to the garden would be lined with their fluffy purple blooms. The man driving the back-hoe on our property had other idea's. So on the list for fall planting 2014 are lots of allium bulbs.

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The garden dream at Cardinal House starts with blue Hydrangea.......... oh, I cannot wait.

The winter storm provided it's own tree pruning, but the clean-up and further trimming will happen when the snow clears. We need to lighten the tree canopy to allow rain and light into the garden. And then - hmmm, maybe some pretty blooms to bring a carpet of colour among the tall beauties.

My first garden had a clematis that grew to a healthy height up to the second story of my house. The Jackmania Clematis was planted in a cozy corner that had enough warmth and protection to keep her blooming from spring to late fall. Cardinal House has several spots that will provide the perfect conditions for more clematis to showcase.

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My little garden Angels have added their charm for the past twelve years and they will find a new place of honour in the planters this spring.

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It was back in the fall that I bought a case of French clay pots and have tucked them away to use for decor in the garden, just waiting for Mother Nature to put on her spring coat.

A large part of the dream for Cardinal House is within the garden. As much as both Richard and I are aching to complete the house and move in {more updates and pictures next week of the progress}, I am itching to see the buds on the tree's so I can play in my new garden.

The door is open and the garden plan for Cardinal House is being mapped out.


Eliza Beth said...

What an absolutely magnificent, beloved, radiant spring garden you have! Blue * Purple hydrangeas are my favorites - and that carpet of them is amazing. All of it makes me happy for you t have such beauty surround you - and want to move to wherever it is that such greenery exists in:)

Glamour Drops said...

on the other side of the world, here in australia, i for one cannot wait for the autumn to arrive! It has been such a very hot summer…seems to have matched your cold winter…although, what lays between both seasons are those exciting transient states of spring and autumn…the most magical of all the seasons for the promise which is held within. Your planting plans sound beautiful…but oh so sad about the alliums!!!

Stacy Curran said...


Nella Miller said...

Katharine, I so love this post !! And your garden dreams sound February, many of us here in Canada have had enough! I am down with a nasty virus this week and have spent hours going through garden photos too...I am in great anticipation of the new Cardinal House emerging soon, I can feel your excitement and energy ! You and Richard will love the rewards....N.xo

Stacy Curran said...

That woodsy photo with the flowers is AMAZING. Can't wait for spring too!!

June said...

What gorgeous images Katherine! Oh it makes me miss the garden so much.
You really have had a rough winter this year. My part of Idaho usually gets a lot of snow and this year we have had very little. It seems so strange to have bare ground the first week of March. We are hoping for lots of rain here.
I love your new profile picture beautiful girl !!!

therelishedroost said...

Oh those gorgeous flowers it makes me want Spring even more!!