Friday, December 23, 2016


It's been far too long since the last time I posted on the blog, 
but I can't think of a better time to get back up on the program than now. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas. 
May it be peaceful, safe and filled with hope 
for the upcoming New Year.

Thank you for stopping on the blog even when I have been absent.


......... and now, a little look at Cardinal House getting dressed for the holidays. More to follow.

Love our outdoor space. The lanai is a great spot to cozy up in front of a wood burning fireplace - wine in hand and marshmallows ready to toast. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Our Ireland Tour

I've been slow to follow through on my promise to post about our honeymoon trip to Ireland, but thought a good place to start is by showing you the beauty of this truly picturesque Isle.
This is a place that sits top on my list of places to return and explore more. There is beauty all around - yes, it really is as green as my photo's show. The people are warm, welcoming and spirited.

Ballynahinch Castle Hotel - Glamour Begins At Home

On the road to Belfast via Glamour Begins At Home

On the road to Belfast - Glamour Begins At Home

trails outside Lough Eske Resort - Glamour Begins At Home

on the road to Dingle - Glamour Begins At Home

Ballynahinch Castle Resort - Glamour Begins At Home

Irish Friends on the road - Glamour Begins At Home

MacGillycuddy Reeks - Glamour Begins At Home

Blarney Castle - Glamour Begins At Home

Klyemore Abbey - Glamour Begins At Home

Ballynahinch Castle Resort - Glamour Begins At Home

More pictures and information to follow about our self-guided adventures and drive through beautiful Ireland .

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

From our wedding album

I can't help myself .......... more wedding pictures to share with you. These are a sneak peak from our photographer (Margaret Diotalevi, Principal Photographer and owner of Avenue Photo in Toronto).

I was thrilled with how the look for our wedding came together - soft and elegant. Our ceremony was held on the lawn at Holcim Waterfront Estate overlooking Lake Ontario; the dinner and celebration took place in the large white tent on the side lawn next to the mansion house. We had a combination of long and round tables which worked perfectly to create a balance to the room.

There were a few projects on my last minute list that I felt would have given the wedding a fuller visual finish, and although I had planned well for them, they didn't get completed. No one knew that they were missing but me.
But it was only three weeks before the wedding that my Mother passed away. Dealing with sorrow is exhausting, and in the end I had no emotional energy to be creative for the extra wedding prettiness projects.

These lovely photo charms (DesignsbyTami on Etsy) - one of my Dad, and one of my Mother; were added to my bouquet. I had ordered the charm of my Dad a few months before, and at the last minute Tami prepared another one for me.
My parents were with me in so many ways on our wedding day. I sent a charm to Richard while he was dressing for our wedding. A photo charm of Richard's Mother was pinned on to his vest to keep her close to his heart.

 Our beautiful daughters taking a selfie .....
The handsome men in my life.......Richard and our sons.

This beautiful custom made ring box (The Mrs Box) was a gift from my daughter. Such a decadent gift that I will always have.
Cake by La Casa Dolce. Cake topper by BetterOffWed (Etsy).

Flowers by Tanya Nelson.

And, I cannot resist this photo a friend took of my Granddaughter Kya and me. Our pretty flower girl and my sweet little shadow.

Kya and me.

I promise to share some pictures of our honeymoon trip to Ireland with you soon.

Thanks for reading,